In year 739 of the Era of Progress, on the last day of the mineral harvest season, Princess Pomegranate will be married to Count Ferro, as per the covenant struck between Lord Garnet and Count Ferro two decades earlier. To reward the count for supplying Warforged during the siege of Granatenholt, Lord Garnet would marry his first-born daughter to him. However, since the signing of the contract, Count Ferro’s reputation and sanity have degraded noticeably and he is whispered to have immersed himself in the dark magics of old. Keeping true to his word, Lord Garnet has forsaken custody of his daughter to Count Ferro for the three weeks and three nights which precede their union but is secretly hiring mercenaries to storm Eisenhall before the wedding and to capture his daughter.

Three days remain before the wedding. A group of mercenaries has managed to make its way to the town surrounding Eisenhall by posing as a troupe of performers. Now they must simply finalize their plans and rescue the princess before her potential as a medium is tapped by the demented count.

The game will be held as a short, one mission long campaign of approximately three sessions with pre-built characters. Any unmentioned details will be left up to the shared storytelling of the playgroup as a whole, albeit the dungeon master has the last word in order to discourage powergaming.

Disparage Breakout