Disparage Breakout

Second Session: Meet the Monsters

Both human and vermin

After waking up early in the morning, before any of the customers staying in the inn would awaken, the group discussed its exact plans with Cid and Maggie. The hobgoblins dispersed to gather information while Cid explained the details concerning the raid to the group. They decided to first scout the town and gather information concerning the locals’ view on this wedding business. Coral stayed behind to observe the magister once he would arrive, Crescentlord hid himself by Eisenhall’s drawbridge and oversaw the traffic from and into the castle. In the meantime, Haidar and Ealaia were questioning the locals about this wedding and eventually they uncovered that many of the locals were unnerved by this uncharacteristic move and the circumstances surrounding it. Apparently, according to people affiliated with Eisenhall’s servants, the princess was not receiving her meals from the kitchens and the Count had ordered blueprints for giant metal spider carapaces.

When magister Ornitier left Eisenhall, Crescentlord began shadowing him, all the while watching his crude and sadistic behavior from afar. Both he and Coral witnessed the magister torturing and choking a halfling child and forcing another to taste his food for poisons before smacking him aside. When Coral attempted to leave the premises, Garland picked her out and began preaching the superiority of the human race and their magic, ordering Coral to bow before him. While his kicks did little to no damage and the wand he used to demonstrate his point regarding the superiority of modern magic did not have a chance of affecting Coral, this camaraderie did prove the magister to be completely delusional and intoxicated with power. Coral managed to escape and the group would have avoided any further interaction with the magister for the time being, had a hobgoblin not arrived on the scene at the worst possible time. Blasted by magic missiles, he began berserking and was promptly dispatched by the magister and his persistent harrier homunculi. Coral was moved to re-enter the tavern, causing the paranoid magister to foam and cast a fireball at the civilians inside. He was quickly slashed and burned to death by the rest of the party who were waiting outside. However, the persistent harriers proved persistent indeed, even after their master’s death. Crescentlord also found Maggie Quen to be somewhat frustrated by this turn of events as she attempted shanking him when he arrived to save and drag her away from the burning tavern.

After Crescentlord had escaped the enraged dwarven matron, the tavern was actually wracked by another, even greater explosion. The party managed to dispatch the rest of the homunculi and before the nearest patrols arrived, they had packed their belongings, looted those of the magister and ascertained that Maggie Quen was nowhere to be found. They escaped over the fence in the back and were forced to split: Haidar and Ealaia would wait in the sewers, hidden from the public view, while Crescentlord and Coral would use their disguising magic to search for the remaining hobgoblins and to guide them.

While Crescentlord did find most of the remaining hobgoblins, the ones left in the sewers were ambushed by a group of giant cockroaches. While Haidar fought bravely, drawing the vermins’ attention away from Ealaia who kept healing him with her magic, the two were forced on the defensive. Ealaia began climbing first and once she had escaped through the manhole, Haidar followed her example. However, already weakened, he was critically wounded by one of the cockroaches as he attempted to withdraw and this caused him to lose consciousness. Death in the mandibles of these giant vermin followed swiftly afterwards.



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