Disparage Breakout

Third Session: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

or rather, from a sewer to a forge

Blank finds Ealaia in a state of shock on an alleyway and helps her climb on top of the roof of one of the dwellings in order to hide from the Warforged patrols. Later on, they are joined by Crescentlord and the hobgoblins he has managed to gather. Even later, Coral appears. t this point, Cid sends her a sending in which he instructs the party to either storm the castle during night-time after resting or to return to Tantalus before nightfall. They decide to attempt completing the mission and eventually enter the sewers where they identify and divide Haidar’s and Garland’s possessions.

Blank and Crescentlord lead the way towards the castle, and on the way, the party encounters five more hobgoblins – each of the missing ones, actually. This brings the number of hobgoblins up to Blank and eight others (including Cinna and Marcus). Eventually, having almost made their way to the castle, Crescentlord hears heavy breathing ahead albeit he cannot pinpoint the location of any creatures. However, there are vast heaps of garbage ahead. He leads the way but is nevertheless surprised by the first Otyugh arising from among the thrash. The rest charge in and begin barraging the Otyugh, slowed by Coral, with their attacks. Crescentlord scales the walls to position himself behind it while Blank tumbles under it to attack it from behind. Almost immediately after Ealaia dispatches of the abomination with a blast of fire, another rises behind Blank. It, too, dies soon enough, and Crescentlord spots how there is a body stuck on the garbage. The party snatches the crystal lodged on its neck as well as its unnaturally clean vest and many are left wondering whatever has happened but they nevertheless continue on.

Just as they are about to reach the entryway into the forges, Quinn Quen steps from the shadows to block their way. He makes it clear that his family is in need of compensation for what happened with their inn. If the characters do not pay him, he will alert the guards and they will no longer be able to use the forges to surprise the count. Eventually, the party ends up bribing the dwarves with some of Garland’s trinkets as well as most of their spare cash and the vest Crescentlord found. Not wanting to face a surprisingly big pack of hobgoblins, Quinn and Maggie withdraw.

The party rests before storming Eisenhall. Crescentlord and Blabk go throughtheir plans in more detail while the casters sleep, and they eventually decide to split the party into two groups – the original raid team (bar Haidar) and the rest of the hobgoblins. After using the rust bomb, Crescentlord scouts ahead and manages to spot the amount of guards down at the forges. The rest of his team enter first and albeit they are almost caught a few times, they manage to stop the vanguards from making an alarm. Instead, they manage to sneak all the way to the stairs before having to openly combat the guards by the elevator. While this does attractthe attention of the rest of the warforged who begin advancing towards the party, Ealaia’s blasts of fire and a fountainhead arrow from Crescentlord destroy the first wave almost instantaneously. The second wave lasts longer but battle is joined by the other team of hobgoblins, and together, the mercenaries dispatch the warforged. Guided by Ealaia’s divinations, they decide to take the elevator up together.



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