Captain-Commander Cid Bakuleo of SS Tantalus



Captain Cid is likely the tallest dwarf upon which one has lain one’s eyes, but not among the prettiest of them. A mane of thick but receding dark brown hair and beard surrounds his visage, and a nasty scar cuts across his missing right eye. Clear gray lines are visible in his shaggy mane, and the wrinkles all over his face tell a story about decades of frowning, worrying and decadence. Not that the old dwarf would openly show such emotions to strangers. Such moments are witnessed even by his crew very scarcely, and mostly by those who have made their old captain-commander worry.

Cid prefers fine leather clothing fit for his post, including long leather coats and overalls. He also wears a pair of multiple use goggles on his forehead, only actually putting them to use when the going gets seriously rough.


Cid is known to be the last surviving founding member of the Lindbulm Company of mercenaries and the de facto leader of the group despite his advanced age. He also acts as the captain and as the chief engineer for the Company’s elemental vessel, the S.S. Tantalus. Since few dwarves voluntarily live such a life of reckless adventure, not to mention sharing quarters and loot with a ragtag bunch of racially varied misfits, rumors circulate within the Company that he was exiled from the Holds for some terrible crime. The most popular of these is that Cid was to be knighted for his services as an engineer but accidentally stood up. Being taller than the king was such an unforgivable crime that he had to choose between loosing one foot from either end of his being or fleeing. Mentioning such empty gossip in his presence is a sure way to find oneself in dish duty for a week, and thus, nothing has been verified.


The Captain-Commander is quick to anger and quick to please. He rarely shows emotions other emotions but is known to have a soft spot for his comrades in arms. Despite having been the avatar of recklessness in his younger days (so the rumors say), he cares for the safety of his crew and is torn inside by each death (a not too rare occurence, sadly). While Cid rarely enters the fray personally, he is a decent enough tactician with a sleeve of dirty tricks up his sleeve. He has an unhealthy but publicly restrained obsession with sweet pastries, although any cuisine from fine elven hors d’oeuvres to well-oiled bits of warforged will eventually find its way through his gullet. The captain truly is no picky eater. He is even said to have once eaten a beef of trollflesh blue rare and shat a traumatized, full-grown goblin.

His voice and accent are quite unique, having been formed by decades of smoking strong tobacco, drinking whatever passes as hard liquor in the current port and picking traits from both the varied clientele and crew of the Lindbulm Company.


Mostly any member of the Linbulm Company would likely risk their life for the dear old Captain-Commander, if push came to shove. The old dwarf has also woven a web of contacts across multiple continents during his time as the spokesperson for a renown group of mercenaries. In particular, many human nobles own him and the Company their rulership over their turfs – not to mention their meager lives. The pride of such people ensures that they would gladly pay back such a debt to a lowly mercenary as soon as they could.


While he would never outright admit it, Captain Cid lives for the thrill of a good adventure and for the continued future of his comrades in arms. He claims that money is all that matters and that feeding a ravenous pack of dire baboons (his crew, that is) is not cheap. Being able to outsmart a worthy opponent as well as the client is likely the greatest satisfaction he could attain, although caring for the old maid, S.S. Tantalus comes as a close second.

Captain-Commander Cid Bakuleo of SS Tantalus

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