Count Rustokoloro Ferro van Eisenhall



Despite preferring covering leather clothing and wearing dark glasses around the clock, the Count of Eisenhall is quite the looker for his age. Indeed, were it not for how the years h ave slightly darkened his skin, giving it a reddish hue, and carved menacing lines around his face, he would be among the finest noblemen in the land. Slim, slick and stylish, with a penchant for gaudy hats, he thrusts his way into the hearts of older noblewomen everywhere with all the force of a well-sharpened knife. True, the dark glasses might hide dark shadows below his eyes, caused by weeks of nightly activity at a time. Indeed, he does wear a leather mask over the lower half of his face. But for a man in his 40’s, such trifle and shallow details are nothing when they are a powerful and obscenely rich nobleman.


The line of Ferro from which Count Rustokoloro directly descents have always been innovative forerunners when it comes to the possibilities the Era of Progress has opened. They were among the first to replace their standing militia with Warforged, even going as far as to build a forge in which to birthe new ones. Count Rustokoloro, too, shares this high ideal despite having yet to make a technological breakthrough. Indeed, he has always been immersed in the depths of the vast library his ancestors have collected over centuries.

A less than well-meaning gossiper might actually imply that the fact how Count Rustokoloro managed to claim Lord Garnet’s firstborn daughter as his promised wife might be his greatest achievement in life thus far. Of course, such a dull rumor-monger would not have witnessed the depths of the Count’s laboratory in which he spends all his free time – and more. Then again, few are those souls who have done so and returned, for the Count is a most secretive man. A breakthrough is likely just around the corner, once he may once again focus on his research after the business with Lord Garnet’s daughter.


To call the Count secretive or anti-social would do no justice to his concurrent disappearance from public view. Of course, he has always preferred to keep to himself during times of distress in order to mobilize the vast richness of knowledge packed inside his skull since early childhood, buried in the depths of ancient tomes, many of which even preceded the Era of Progress. However, over the last decade or so, such tendencies have grown worrisome in the eyes of his family’s loyal retainers as well as other nobles of similar standing. Before, he would still bear himself according to his statue in the public and among his peers but nowadays, he has grown most cold and even crude at times.


Count Rustokoloro is served by his retainers, both man and machine, and despite his eccentricities, they remain loyal to their master. While he has grown somewhat distant from other nobles, many still owe his family – if not to him personally – many a debt, both in money and in honor.


From his frantic obsession with his studies, it seems as though the Count is nearing a breakthrough in his mysterious research. The all-consuming forge of his research keeps alluring the Count to sacrifice more hours per day to further it than many can stay awake. Even his wedlock with Princess Pomegranate does not seem to fill the Count with other notable desires.

Count Rustokoloro Ferro van Eisenhall

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