Lord Lugubris II Garnet van Granatenholt



While the years may not have been particularly kind on the good lord, he maintains an esteemed and stylish bearing without succumbing to all the latest trends in facial hairs unlike many of his younger peers. Preferring a simple yet elegant garb, including a concession to his advancing age in the form of a pair of small, round glasses, he embodies a sort of humility rare in people of his position. However, his receding hairline and the deep wrinkles on his forehead do communicate of a deep-rooted fear or worry – possibly for his only daughter who has proven to be quite the handful with her special abilities for the poor Lord who would have preferred for hear to lead a normal life alongside her promised husband, Count Ferro van Eisenhall.


Lord Lugubris, second to his name, was born and raised as the second son of the previous Lord of Granatenholt. Thus, he should not have inherited the title, had the long-lasting peace of his youth continued for the coming decades. As the Fates would have it (if such an outdated expression were allowed), his elder brother’s life ended in an unfortunate airship crash which would signal the beginning of the First Civil War. While Lord Lugubris attempted to stay neutral in the coming battles, in order to avoid any further tragedies, he would at times be forced to take command of Granatenholt’s defense. A diplomat at heart, his first line of defense were always contracts and treaties with neighboring nobles who would come to Granatenholt’s defense for whatever price the Lord had promised them in return.

During the Third Civil War, in year 719 of the Era of Progress, Granatenholt had run dry of resources to offer for aid due to the continuous battles which had also drained the resources of all its neighbors. The only willing ally during this time was Count Ferro van Eisenhall – a minor nobleman, for certain, but in command of a powerful army of the Warforged. Since the Count did not require any material assistance for his help, Lord Garnet could not help but to enlist his services in exchange for the hand of his yet to be born first-born daughter. A contract was made, and two decades later, it would come back to haunt the aging Lord whose daylight had grown to be a very special lady indeed.


An ill-mannered scoundrel might call Lord Garnet indecisive, lethargic even. But such a person would likely be one of those warmongering imbeciles whose bloodthirst was the exact reason for this constant worry and uncertainty. The likes of them stole away his dear brother and the best years of his life with their constant bickering over territory and resources. Indeed, while the Lord may appear passive, he is constantly on the lookout for trouble of a political scale and always strengthening his defenses with deals.

Lord Garnet loves his dear daughter Pomegranate more than anything in this world, and at times, he finds himself pondering whether the deal with Count Ferro was worth being separated from her. Or so the rumor goes. Particularly after Count Ferro began gathering some notoriety among the nobles for his anti-social reclusiveness and mercuriality, and as the months grew closer to the sealing of their deal, Lord Garnet could rumoredly be heard murmuring to himself, attempting to find a solution to this problem concerning his daughter.


Currently, Lord Garnet is allied with the Linbulm Company led by Cid Bakuleo. This remains a secret due to the undercover nature of their mission, and the Lord actually contacted the mercenaries personally and in person, without the knowledge of any of his retainers. After all, were word to spread that he had broken his half of the contract, he would likely lose the trust of his manifold noble allies in the blink of an eye.


What drives the Lord is security – the security of his daughter, of his people and of his position. Years of witnessing brutal warfare have left their mark on his person. He craves for stability and is surprisingly willing to employ less than honorable means of achieving it if need be.

Lord Lugubris II Garnet van Granatenholt

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