1. Infiltrate the Town of Fer

Cid has contacts in the town. In particular, a dwarven matron called Maggie Quen is supposedly going to help the crew enter the streets of Fer without attracting unneeded attention. However, S.S. Tantalus still needs to be hidden. Cid’s plan is to have it hover above treeline early in the morning, when the morning mist still hides it from unneeded attention. Everyone is to depart and start clearing a landing area for the ship and to ward off any unwelcome creatures. Once the ship has been landed safely, all the requisite people are to enter Fer through a secret passage. (Note: It is not supposed to be used from this side so it will be concealed and trapped. Be wary.) Afterwards, the rest of the plans will be reviewed and everyone will be free to scout around Fer for clues.

2. Scout the Sewers

There should be a way straight under Eisenhall and into its forges through the sewers. Under normal circumstances, the metal bars between which drainage from the latter departs should suffice to protect the castle but Lord Garnet has provided Cid with a magical rust bomb that should allow infiltrating Eisenhall from below. However, first, this link point must be located and any natural occupants must be cleared from its immediate vicinity.

3. Neutralize the Magister

Since Cid’s plan involves using the airship to lay siege on Eisenhall in order to provide a sufficient distraction, the castle’s head magister must be neutralized in order to avoid any disastrous outcomes for the ship and its crew. The magister, a man named Garland Ornitier, is a regular of Maggie Quen’s tavern, the “Pile and Face”. However, the dwarf does not particularly appreciate his patronage since the magister is a dirty old man known to harass other customers by threatening them with the Count’s ire and the tavern’s workers with both verbal and physical commentary. While indeed of questionable morality, he needs not be killed (albeit Maggie would appreciate such a long-term solution) but simply kept from being able to participate in Eisenhall’s defense during the mission.


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