Princess Pomegranate VII Garnet van Granatenholt



Princess Pomegranate was originally named for the healthy color of her plump baby cheeks soon after her birth. Little more than a certain innocence and ever so slightly soft, naturally red cheeks remain in her after her 20th summer. Princess Pomegranate prefers a somewhat simplistic attire compared to her peers – a trait she seems to have inherited from her father – but mostly anything she chooses to wear emphasizes the naturalness of her acceding beauty. She only allows the servants to barber her bangs, otherwise, her copper-tinted hair remains untouched unless she managed to tangle it in sprigs and the like. A certain atmosphere of mystery is said to surround her – as though she were always looking somewhere beyond appearances. According to those who know her best, however, this might be due to simple boredom when attending the gatherings of nobles.


Even before her birth, Princess Pomegranate had been promised to Count Ferro for his help during the last siege of Granatenholt. This was never kept a secret from her – partly because it would help keep her aware of what she could expect from life and mostly because she was born with notable shrewdness and the gift of an oracle. Of course, even before the awakening of her alleged gift, she was considered something of a nuisance and an eccentric by her caretakers. After all, what sort of a noble princess would regularly sneak from her quarters to hide in her father’s garden? To the less formal servants, she was always something straight from a fairy tale and they spoiled her with their simple love.

After the Princess began alleging that she received omens of the future – prophecies of things to come, like a mad preacher on the streets – she was thoroughly examined by the best physicians and quacks in the kingdom. Many of these alleged practitioners of modern medicine were left with permanent scars for attempting to unwittingly poison the Princess with their newest cures for madness. Eventually, she was allowed in the presence of more informed magical experts who conducted less harmful experiments on her by observing her prophetic behavior and testing its accuracy. While they never managed to formulate a mutual consensus for the reasons of her gift, they did verify that she indeed possessed a limited capacity to receive visions of the future.


Princess Pomegranate is an enigma to most of her retainers and peers. Not only is she a freak who should be paraded in a travelling circus (though none dare state this out loud in the presence of either her or her father, the Lord of Granatenholt), she is also a wildling who somehow seems to prefer untamed wilderness to grand balls and gatherings. Truly, something is gravely wrong with her mind, although her ability might be real. Only the common folk with whom she socializes in secret disagree and even dare call her a lively and charming lass. But despite this alleged vivacity, one may not deny a certain aura of melancholy that surrounds her. It is as though she knows something the rest cannot even fathom and this prevents her from fully enjoying her time on earth. Then again, it must be the looming prospect of marriage with a middle-aged, anti-social man whom she has never met in person.


In addition to the common folk who enjoy her company, she effectively only has her father on whom to rely. Most other people – especially those bound by tradition or the shallowness of their being – find her company unnerving and secretly harbor the wish that she be bound to Eisenhall, out of their immediate environment.


As far as anyone can tell, the Princess would prefer being left in peace. She does possess notable intellect and has some interest in the academia but nothing serious as of now. Her father as well as the members of the Lindbulm Company of mercenaries have been informed of her wish to be saved from the hands of Count Ferro who will allegedly use her as a catalyst for some dark ritual. Survival seems like a realistic enough motivation in this situation.

Princess Pomegranate VII Garnet van Granatenholt

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