1. Enter the Forges

With the rust bomb which was entrusted to Cid, the bars between the sewers and the forges may be removed silently and, more importantly, instantaneously. Albeit Cid is using S.S. Tantalus as a distraction to lure away the majority of the Count’s forces, all the workers in the workshops are also military-trained warforged. Thus, escaping their notice is advisable, albeit swiftly dispatching of them is also an alternative.

Both a freight hoist and stairs lead upwards from the forges. Since the hoist is faster as well as designed to be unstoppable to avoid the enemy sabotaging the movement of troops within the castle under normal circumstances, using it is recommended.

2. Find the Princess

According to what information Cid received from the employer, Princess Pomegranate is likely held in a locked room in the floor above the Count’s court. There is no info available regarding the guards for the time being, and the exact room remains unknown. If the siege on the castle is prolonged, the Count might realize the true motive behind the attack and move her elsewhere, in which case the mission will likely end in failure.

3. Sabotage the Count’s Plans

Albeit it was not strictly speaking requested, if one comes across anything related to the Count’s alleged deranged plans concerning ancient magic, one should likely intervene. The exact details remain unclear but evidently these plans involve a summoning of sorts and a carefully prepared ritual to those ends.


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