SS Tantalus



21.B contains the ship’s engine room wherein it’s operating Huge Smoke Paraelemental (MotP 184) is bound in an elemental gem.


Each of the crew’s members is an official member of the Lindbulm Company and thus an able combatant. Two dozen people constitute the actual crew of the airship and the rest of the mercenaries – approximately another dozen or so at any given time when people are sent on missions and return. Everyone is led by Captain-Commander Cid Bakuleo who commands both the mercenaries in battle and the rest of the crew when they set sail on the S.S. Tantalus.

Then there is Marlboro, the ship’s powering smoke paraelemental. Equipped with an ill temper reminiscent of the smoldering remains of a wildfire – smothered, to an extent, but embodying a raging flame which will destroy anything on its path if allowed to rekindle – Marlboro is the second most dangerous entity on-board, after the Captain-Commander during a hangover. Thus, only Captain Cid may approach it in the engine room in order to avoid any unnecessary risks pertaining to the elemental.

Ironically enough, since the mercenaries are mostly untrained as sailors, they are given mostly menial jobs during flight. Anyone who complains will receive a fatherly belting from Cid’s carefully picked variety of insults. While his repertoire is outlandish enough to remain unintelligible to anyone without strong magical aids, most of these crude comments convey the general idea effectively enough.

Currently, most of the mercenaries on-board are members of a clan of hobgoblins. Fearless, they would gladly endanger themselves based on the trust they have built on Captain Cid over the time they have spent under his command, although the Captain has made it perfectly obvious that he cannot protect them if they insist on tackling such dangerous roles. The hobgoblins know this, of course, but they are also warriors who would rather die honorably than be pampered by anyone.

SS Tantalus

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